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Autonomous data analysis

Unsupervised helps you discover new opportunities from your data. Start with AI-discovered patterns in your data and discover important new questions you would have never thought to ask.

  • Our AI finds patterns in your data.
    A stream of interesting patterns discovered in your data.
  • Discover new opportunities.
    Explore the patterns that show you new opportunities.
  • Act, measure, and repeat.
    Act on new opportunities and measure the impact.

Start without bias

Watch our CEO's keynote presentation at Disney, discussing how Unsupervised helps companies analyze the full complexity of their data and reduce bias.

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"Unsupervised is one of my most important Digital Transformation partners; their AI autonomously finds the hard-to-find but key insights from our data, which means we are able to identify actionable opportunities to realize data driven value to the business much faster than we can with any other form of analysis.

Unsupervised has truly delivered precisely what we've needed to become a more agile and data-driven team and had an incredible impact on our business in a very short period of time."

Raj Nukala, CIO of Park West Galleries